Limited Company Healthcare Professionals

If you’re currently a healthcare professional and thinking about contracting there are many benefits, but if there’s one drawback, it’s the constant need to watch your finances and stay on top of your accounts. Accounting IT Ltd pride ourselves on combining many years of experience with modern technology and friendly advice to provide the best possible service for you.

Wherever your role takes you, we make sure you can concentrate on what you know best, with the reassurance of having your accounts being taken care of for you by Accounting It Ltd.

A survey reported in 2014, that 83% of the NHS providers taking part said that they were experiencing a shortage of qualified nurses, so many nursing posts remaining understaffed the NHS trusts were using agency nurses to fill the gaps and recruiting nursing staff from overseas.
Source: NHS%20Employers%20Survey.pdf

Many qualified nurses may consider moving to the contractor sector because of the higher rates of pay and more flexible working arrangements than as a permanent employee.
Also, working in a wide range of departments in a short space of time means that agency nurses are exposed to many different situations, which can help advance their skill set.

Benefits of Contracting for Healthcare professionals

Aside from simply working and getting paid by your agency, the more secure way to operate for healthcare professionals are working as a Limited company director. Any accountant will tell you that working through a Limited company is the most tax efficient way to operate, forming a Limited company is the most straightforward way and can usually be completed in one day, within a few working hours. Limited company ownership does come with some administration responsibilities such as keeping accurate company accounts and ensuring that the correct amount of tax, VAT and national insurance is paid.

Why choose Accounting IT Ltd

If you decide to work through your own Limited company, hiring an accountant is the first step. Accounting IT Ltd will support you with your Company formation, guide you through your taxation questions and provide ongoing support on all matters of running your own business. For nearly 20 years Accounting IT Ltd have specialised in the contractor market and has experienced professionals who deal with the issues that contractors face such as IR35.

We provide an all-inclusive, fixed-fee accountancy package, which takes care of all your business needs. Our service also includes unlimited access to your own dedicated bookkeeper, free advice and help dealing with HMRC and storing and sharing documents online so it is easy to work together while you are on the go!.

If you would like to find out more about becoming an agency healthcare professional or if you would like free consultation please contact us on 0800 141 3393 or add your details to the above.